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What about human rights?

Human rights affacting only to keep all the equality of all people, regardless of race, religion and origin.
Everyone has the right to freedom of expression and choice of his religion or his faith.
Furthermore, state human rights that everyone has right to a defense in case of an indictment in court.
Special mention should also be equal opportunities among all people. The general freedom rights are in addition the assembly, information, work, travel, thought, conscience, religion, and freedom of expression and individual rights. Among the social human rights, for example, include the equal rights of men and women and the protection of the family.

Furthermore, this includes the right to go on very nature and health, and the right to take part in cultural life.
Self-determination and the right to work, reasonable pay and affiliation or form a union are also included.

Although should be in all the western, and part of Asian and Arab countries, human rights are enshrined in law, and thus actually secured, the situation is often quite different. It does not make much difference whether it is in Asia, the Orient or happens to us in the West happen, because it is now doing everywhere.

Human rights are trampled under foot, and with other laws or canceled wegignoriert even nonexistent.
In order to counteract this, there are some organizations in the world who have the task prescribed to cover such abuses on. The best known is certainly the UN Human Rights Convention or the European Court of Human Rights. However, is neither for the whole world, but only for those States which have signed this Charter as well. Norway and the United Kingdom (UK) both have their own charter, as well as the Africans.
In Austria, it has even enshrined in the Charter of the UN's own constitution, and in Switzerland it is considered as an indication and in public law, as being directly applicable.